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What are the top 3 questions you need to ask your removalist company when you move house?

We’ve all heard the horror stories about removalists that don’t turn up, damage your goods, or have no idea how to manoeuvre the couch out of your apartment. A bad removalist can turn an already stressful day into a horror one.

To avoid getting caught short, make sure you ask these all-important questions of your removalist before moving day.

Question 1: How much experience does your removalist have?

When it comes to moving your precious possessions safely and efficiently, experience counts!

There is a lot of technique involved in removals work. A quality removalist doesn’t just lug boxes – they stack and move them speedily, navigate around corners with your oversized furniture, and back the truck into narrow driveways.

An expert mover will have Tetris-level skills when it comes to packing their truck, ensuring the vehicle is filled to its fullest capacity and you won’t be paying for extra trucks or trips that were not included in your original quote. Removalists with decades of experience, like Pinder Tower Movers, will be able to walk into a job and work out the order and logistics of packing within seconds of siting your items, and can offer advice where needed to work most efficiently.

The removalist’s job is hard work, and an experienced mover will be able to keep going until the whole job is done and not conk out halfway through.

All up, an experienced removalist will work at greater speed than a novice, ensuring you’re not paying for wasted time. Before you go with a cheap removalist, check their level of experience, and seriously consider hiring the guys with more years under their belt.

Question 2: How will they protect your belongings?

Ask your removalist what they will use to ensure your belongings survive the move intact. How will they protect your large screen TV or computer monitor? Will they secure and wrap furniture within the truck? If you have antiques, artwork, a piano or billiard table to move, what is their experience with these particular objects?

Also ask whether the removalist holds insurance that will adequately cover your goods for the duration of the move.

Question 3: How much will it cost?

Request a complete quote in writing before you move. Some removalists will charge by the hour, others will provide a single figure for the job. Either way, make sure you understand exactly what is included, and if there are any additional costs.

Your quote should include transport to and from their depot, the move, plus insurance. You also want to make sure the service includes reassembly of furniture at the new house, and navigating any stairs or elevators.

Also be aware that difficulties with access can add to cost, and your quote should take these things into consideration. For example, a large truck may be 3 metres wide x 3.7 metres high, and will be impacted by obstacles such as:

  • Narrow driveways
  • Overhanging trees or cables
  • Steep properties, requiring the truck to be left further from the house and more removalists working to spread the carrying load.

Make sure your removalist asks about access at both properties before providing a quote, and that you have given a clear and realistic picture.

Moving house across Melbourne or interstate? Pinder Tower Movers will be happy to answer these three questions for you. With over 30 years’ experience in household and furniture removals, excellent customer service, and fully inclusive quotes, they are the top choice for household removals.