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There’s nothing quite so festive as a beautifully decorated Christmas tree! And yet, Christmas trees and seasonal decorations can be problematic for those of us with limited storage space – where they spend much of the year.

Luckily, there are some handy Christmas tree options for those who want to enjoy their presence without the storage dilemma. A number of clever tree designs have come onto the market, that pack away neatly and take up minimal space. Alternatively, a live tree, which doesn’t get stored, can be worth considering.

Here three space-saving Christmas tree options for you to consider:

Foldable and Collapsible 3D Christmas Trees

As increasing numbers of people move into smaller homes, clever space-saving Christmas tree alternatives have popped up. Chief amongst these is the foldable wooden tree, made of wooden slats that store flat but spin out to form a 3D tree. When the ‘branches’ are folded back, the tree sits flat and fits perfectly under a bed or long sofa.

Best Christmas Trees for Easy Packing and Storage Best Christmas Trees for Easy Packing and Storage
Source: Zeylanica Sellers, on

Other options include pull-up Christmas trees, which come complete with decorations and are built around a collapsible frame. Once folded down, they fit into a cushion-sized storage bag. There are also spiral trees that fold down to a flat circle, and open up to form a tree-shaped spiral.

Best Christmas Trees for Easy Packing and Storage Best Christmas Trees for Easy Packing and Storage

Source: Collapsible Decorated Christmas Tree, available at; Spira tree by LukaZajcDesignShop on

Christmas Tree Decals

Not only can storing your Christmas tree be difficult, but for some small-space dwellers, finding space to put up the Christmas tree is also a challenge. If you’re truly space-deprived, the answer might lay in a stick-on tree.

Christmas tree wall decals still give a festive flavour to your room, without taking up any space. What’s more, you can still enjoy placing presents at their base.

The downside is that, although most wall decals are removable, not all are reusable, as they may break apart or lose their stickiness in the removal process.

Best Christmas Trees for Easy Packing and Storage

Source: DecordsTM, on

Live Christmas tree

The final – and perhaps most festive – way to enjoy a Christmas tree without packing and storing stress, is to purchase, then get rid of a live tree.

The Best Christmas Trees for Easy Packing and Storage

Most councils in Australia now offer Christmas tree rubbish removal, either through a special kerbside collection, or their scheduled green waste bin service. These trees may be turned into mulch or composted with other waste, which minimises their impact on the environment.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace or barbeque, you can also save your tree for fuel. You’ll need to chop it up and let it thoroughly dry out before use.

Or finally – plant it in your garden! Buy a smallish Christmas tree in a pot, then transplant it to the garden to live out the rest of the life … or to be chopped down and used again for one more Christmas.

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