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Moving house or office can be a big and costly job, and it’s no surprise that most of us look to do it as cheaply as possible. But is hiring a cheap removalist always the best idea? We believe the answer is sometimes yes…but not always, and almost certainly not for large, complicated moves. However, it’s a decision you need to way up for yourself, so here we’ve listed the Pros and Cons to help you decide whether cheap removalists are right for your situation.

Pros Of Hiring Cheap Removalists In Melbourne

Cheap Can Be All You Need

Sometimes, cheap is good enough. If you have a small removals job – say, if you’re moving out of home or a share house and don’t have a whole house-full of furniture – then you might not need a full-service removalist. It might also be the case that you have the time and energy to do all the packing, unpacking and furniture disassembly / assembly yourself, or with the help of a few mates. And finally, you may not have any tricky or precious goods that would require a more bespoke removals service, such as antiques or expensive tech equipment.

If this is the case, you might feel that you can manage fine doing the bulk of the work yourself, and that a no-frills service is all you need.

Lower Costs

Of course, the big attraction is paying less. Moving can be a costly exercise, right when you’ve already shelled out lots of money on a house purchase or rental bond. Your budget may dictate having to go for a cut-price option for the removalist.

You do need to note, however, that saving costs in one area can sometimes lead to higher costs in another. For example, an inexperience mover will not work as efficiently as a seasoned professional, and if you’re paying by the hour, you can end up paying more than you anticipated, because of the extra time taken. The same applies if they cause breakages that you then find are not covered by insurance. When comparing quotes, be sure to consider these aspects before making your final decision.

Cons Of Cheap Removalists

Lack of Adequate Insurance

No matter what the cost of your removalist, always check that your goods are insured for damage in transit, and that you are happy with the value the insurance would pay out. The same applies for any damage to walls, etc. This is especially important for inexperienced movers (including you!), who are more likely to cause accidental damage and least likely to hold comprehensive insurance. Make sure insurance policies are provided clearly in writing.

Lack of The Right Moving Equipment

It’s important that you have access to the right sized van, and that’s not always possible with cheap movers. You need to make sure that the vehicle is small enough to fit down your driveway, but also large enough that you don’t have to make multiple trips. The costs you save on a van that’s too small will instantly disappear if you have to pay for multiple drives across town.

Professional movers also carry equipment such as blankets, straps, special packaging and various trolleys to ensure items can be moved and secured with ease. These things can make a big difference to the time taken, and to the safety of your property. If you’re considering a cheap removalist, check that they are fully equipped to deal with any heavy, awkward or fragile items you may have, as well as stairs or other obstacles.

Unprofessional Or Limited Service

Cheap doesn’t have to mean poor service, but it definitely means there are limits to what you can expect. A low-cost removalist may have to pack multiple jobs into one day, and this can mean delays in them showing up, or restrictions on how long they can stay to finish your job.  They are also less likely to spend time before the job providing a detailed written quote or advice. For a simple job, this may all be fine. But when you’re going through a big or emotional move, that lack of service can make everything harder than it needs to be.

Also, you may find there are limitations on what services you can expect. For example, a cheap removalist may not help disassemble furniture, such as your bed, or assemble it at the other end. Or they may not provide specialist packing materials or services for items such as your artwork or piano. A full-service furniture removalist such as Pinder Tower Movers in Melbourne, will cater for all of these things.

Inexperience Can Be Costly

Sometimes a removalist is cheap because they are new to the job, and this is where you really need to think about whether your move is going to end up cheap after all. As already mentioned, inexperienced movers can be inefficient in their work. If you’re paying by the hour, your savings will quickly get eaten up.

Being a removalist is hard, physical work, and it can also be highly technical. Experienced movers know how to manoeuvre that oversized sofa through your small door and across the landing without having to try three different ways and without damaging your walls. And they won’t tire themselves out before the job is complete.

So there you have it – cheap removalists can be all you need for simple jobs, and can help you stick to a tight budget. But for larger, more complex jobs, or when you want to make your big life change less stressful, think carefully before going for the cheapest option.

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