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So you’ve moved office (or are about to), and in Part 1 of our Office Organisation ideas blog series, you’ve learned how to establish work zones, organise drawers and overhaul the filing system.

Now it’s time to set up the printer, tidy your desktop, wrangle those wires and set up systems to keep the office clutter from returning.

Wires Be Gone

An office space can very easily become a jungle of wires if you are not too careful!

Laptops, lamps, printers, telephones, fax machines…they all have wires! It can be a nightmare trying to be productive at your desk with wires crossing over everything!

That’s why hiding the wires is such a fantastic idea! There are a few ways to go about this:

1st – Invest in a desk that has a hole for the wires to go down:

office organisation ideas

Image Credit: BTOD

2nd – Use clips to hold wires in place like this:

office organisation ideas

Image Credit: LifeHack

3rd – Invest in a box to hold the power board with the cords coming out of the top and store it under the desk like this one from Ikea:

office organisation ideas

Image Credit: Ikea

Create a Printing Station

Printers should NOT live on desks. Let me repeat that, printers should NOT live on desks. I understand they are something that may be continuously used but they take up a lot of space.

They are big, bulky and stand out like a sore thumb. If possible, try and have your printer on a shelf, on top of a cabinet, on its own separate small table…anywhere other than the desk!

To keep it really handy and organised, keep all your printing resources together. This set up from DIY Playbook is a perfect example!

office organisation ideas

Image Credit: DIY Playbook

Use a Pegboard to Maximise Space

Hanging a pegboard above your desk to store all those items you need in close proximity will maximise your desk space even more!

Everything you need will still be at an arm’s reach while keeping your desk clutter free!

Check out this pegboard from Ikea:

office organisation ideas

Image credit: Ikea

Clean up your Desktop

Whether you use a laptop or PC, it can be easy to have this also become cluttered and disorganised!

Create folders either on the computer (or laptop) itself OR use something like Google Drive to organise all your files. Have a folder for each area of your life;

  • Medical
  • Auto (for your vehicles)
  • Pets
  • House
  • Personal (anything that doesn’t fit into the other folders)

Just like mentioned above, if you have things in paper, use a scanning app on your phone and turn it into an electronic version to save yourself having to chase pieces of paper around!

Utilise Wall Space

With some of the ideas mentioned here already, you may have started to do this!

But there are many things you can place on the walls to elevate it from cluttering up your desk space. Some examples are calendars, flow charts or to-do lists. These are great things to place up on the wall so that it is visually clear and saves spaces!

Put Systems in Place to Keep it Clutter Free

Putting in all this work and then not having it last would be extremely frustrating and have you end up back at square one, feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

All of these ideas are great to keep your office organised but if they don’t work for you, there is no point. Trialing different systems to see what works the best would be a good idea. For example, if you tried having your pens and sticky tape on the pegboard and you hated it, then try keeping them on the desk! These are just ideas! You need to figure out a system that works for you and makes you feel less stressful.

Remember! Stay on top of the clutter to maintain these simple organisation systems. Set aside some time each fortnight or month to just have a quick check in with your space. Does it still feel organised and tidy or is it becoming a bit overwhelming again and if so, why? This will also help you keep the systems you have put in place working for you.

Finishing off…

Organising your home office can be a big and daunting task, especially if you are already feeling so overwhelmed by this space. If, even after reading these ideas you still are not sure how to tackle this job, and you’re in Melbourne or regional Victoria…let Ducks In A Row help! This is quite literally our job – to help people tackle their clutter and organise their life! We do it every day and we absolutely love it!

We would love to hear from you! By filling out our online Booking Enquiry Form, we can get a better understanding of what it is exactly we can help you with!

⁠You are just one step away from making your office space a calm, productive and joyful place to be!

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