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Removal FAQ
1. Q: Do you provide a complete moving packing service?
Yes, we provide a complete moving packing service upon request where we carefully pack each individual item in boxes for you and your move becomes carefree.
2. Q: Do you provide boxes or where can I get boxes ?
Yes, boxes can be loaned for a small fee.
3. Q: How long has your furniture removal service in Melbourne been operating ?
We have been servicing Melbourne for 25 years and built a positive reputation to be careful, reliable and punctual.
4. Q: Are your removalists in Melbourne careful and friendly.
Yes, we take utmost care when handling all your precious household items. It’s a matter of good reputation that we will uphold with every job we take on. Our staff is professional, very helpful and friendly. We also specialise in moving pianos. Please talk to our experienced sales staff.
5. Q: What insurance do you have for breakage ?
We are insured for goods on transit with CARTS Removals and Storage Insurance policy.
Comprehensive Insurance is extra. We can recommend a company that will organise insurance for you. The details are listed below. For peace of mind, please feel free to look up the website to obtain any information you need.
Carts Removals & Storage Insurance
P.O. Box 516
Ferntree Gully Vic 3156
Phone: 1300 880 253
6. Q: Do you provide furniture and household storage?
Yes, we can provide you with several storage solutions, please talk to Jack about options available.
7. Q: What else is there to consider when moving houses ?
Here is a list of other things to consider when moving houses – however the list is only a guide.
Australia Post
Motor Registration Branch
Insurance Companies
Cubs – Sporting & Social
Credit Card Membership
Solicitor & Accountant
Finance Companies
Electoral Office
Gas and Fuel Corporation
State Energy Commission (SEC)
Post Office
Banks (Savings & Trading)
Stories (Department)
Building Societies, Health Funds
Superannuation FundFinally, don’t forget to arrange for gas, electricity and telephone to be connected on your arrival at your new premises.
8. Q: Can you assist me in finding accommodation or storage when I am moving house?
Our team is happy to make the phone calls to any accommodation for you, we know you’ve got lots to do! Pinder Tower Furniture Removals can offer you storage in any size for any purpose or item.
9. Q: Are you able to send one of your staff out to assess my belongings and moving situation?
When you call to arrange a quote or your moving date, you can request for one of our team members to come on out to your home and assess your situation, giving you any advice you need!
10. Q: Are your removalist team able to dismantle and re-assemble any of my furniture?
Yes, our staff are highly trained and have plenty of experience, so dismantling and re-assembling furniture is a simple and quick task!
11. Q: Does your removalist company move large antiques or breakables such as Pianos or Billiard tables?
With notification of such items, we certainly can! Be sure to let us know in advance, and we will advise you of the necessary packaging requirements.
12. Q: How can I pay for your removalist service and when is payment due?
You can pay by:
American Express
Payment is due prior to the moving date or, alternatively, on the moving date.
13. Q: How much notice can I give your removalist company prior to my move?
When scheduling your move with our company, it is not dependent on notice. If you call close to the time of your move, we may be booked out on your moving day, so the further from the day the better!
14. Q: What size is the removalist vehicle that you use and what sort of volume do your trucks take?
Our removalist trucks are large and clean however volume is dependent on how much you are moving and what you are moving. A large home or office generally needs two trucks to deliver your items safely, whilst a small home usually requires only one.
15. Q: Are there any items you will not transport?
Pinder Tower Furniture Removals are very confident in our service and staff, we can transport any item you wish. Let us know about any items you are concerned about, and we will advise packaging materials and item placement on the removal truck.
16. Q: Do you have any recommendations regarding transportation or removal of my pets and their items?
Pets are best to go with you on the trip to your new home, it can be daunting to put a pet in a cage and onto the removals truck. If you feel this is alright for your pet, they are welcome to be popped safely in the truck – they must however be in a cage. Your pets property can be packed onto our removalist trucks, in a place that you can get to quickly and easily if needed.
17. Q: If I am not available to receive the removalist’s delivery of my property to my new home, can we come to another arrangement?
We require someone to meet our staff at your new location; to check on your belongings an let us bring your items inside. You will need to give our company notice, and identification of the individual letting us into your new home.
18. Q: Once your removals staff have arrived at my new or old location, can you help me to pack and unpack smaller items?
We sure can! Let us know when you give us a call, and we will arrange a member of staff – or two! – to help you pack and unpack your belongings.
19. Q: Can your removalists move any plants I may wish to bring to my new location?
Yes, Pinder Tower Furniture Removals Melbourne can move any plants you wish to bring. Of course, it is also dependent on the size of the plant, and how fragile it is. For large plants or trees, we recommend hiring or using a trailer, which allows the plant to breathe and stand naturally.

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