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Moving to a new house requires a certain amount of planning and forethought. One of the most common questions on every homeowner’s mind is, ‘How long will it take to move house?’ The answer depends upon various factors, including whether you’ll be conducting the move yourself or using professional removalists company. In this blog, we’ll explore the factors that influence the duration of a move, so you can have a better idea what to expect on moving day.

How Long Does It Take To Move House? The Key Factors:

Size Of The Move

The size of your household and the number of belongings you need to relocate play a crucial role in determining the time required for the move. While moving a few rooms of possessions may take just a few hours, a family household move is more likely to take all day – and possibly more.

Labour And Transport Available

The amount of items needing to be moved is only part of the equation – the space available in the moving vehicle, and the number of hands to help move them is the other. It is most time-efficient to have a truck large enough to take all belongings in a single load, as going back and forth will slow things down significantly. Having more hands to help will also speed up the packing process.

It’s worth noting that professional movers will work more efficiently than inexperienced helpers, and are more likely to fit more objects in their vehicle through expert packing. Hiring professionals can greatly reduce how long it takes to move house.

Accessibility At Each Location

Difficult access can slow down packing and unpacking time considerably. If the moving truck cannot park close to the entryway due to a steep driveway, overhanging eaves or other obstacle, this will add to the time frame. Stairways, elevators and tricky corners will also have an impact.

Once again, professional movere are likely to be faster at navigating these obstacles, as they will have the proper equipment (such as 3-wheeled trolleys) and experience and fitness to do so.

Distance Between Locations

The distance between your current residence and the new one significantly impacts the overall duration of the move. You can reduce the time taken by planning the move during off-peak times, and by making sure you have a vehicle large enough to take all your belongings in one trip.

Packing and Preparation

It is quicker to stack and move uniformly sized packing boxes that have been taped securely shut, than it is to move loose items or open crates. Time spent packing and securing the bulk of your goods in proper moving boxes will pay off with a quicker move on the day.

It will also save time if you label each box with the room they should go into, on the top and side. This way they can be placed in the correct room quickly and efficiently.

If packing your possessions is too daunting a task, professional removalist companies like Pinder Tower Movers offer packing services. This will save you time during preparation, as well as on moving day.

Specialty Items and Fragile Belongings

If you have delicate items such as antiques, pianos, valuable artwork or pool tables, they may require special attention and handling. A removalist company with experience in moving specialty items can expedite the process by employing the right techniques and equipment. If you are moving these items yourself, having them disassembled and packed ready to go will save time on moving day, as will having a plan for safe transportation.

Assembly and Disassembly

Furniture such as beds and L-shaped couches often need to be disassembled before transportation and reassembled upon arrival. While disassembling and assembling items yourself may save you some time on moving day, professional removalists can usually do it more efficiently. So speak to your removalists before deciding to do it yourself.

It’s also worth noting which items won’t require disassembly to be moved. For example, some moving companies can transport chests of drawers with the drawers and clothes still in them, so you don’t need to waste time emptying contents. Get advice beforehand as to what needs to be removed, and what can stay.

How Long Does It Take To Move House? In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many things that effect how long it takes to move house. The biggest factor is undoubtably the size of the move, but the availability of a sufficiently large van and efficient helpers has a large impact also.

Experienced professional removalists will undoubtably speed up the moving process, by applying their expertise and having the right equipment. They will also be able to give you the best estimate of time for your particular move, based on their years of practice.

If you’re moving across Melbourne or interstate, have a chat with Pinder Tower Movers. With 40 years and countless moves under their belt, they’ll be able to tell you exactly what to expect and provide you with a written, all-inclusive quote. Get in contact to find out more.