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Embarking on a move can be both exciting and stressful, with the choice of movers playing a pivotal role in your overall experience. Selecting the right removalists can make all the difference between things going horribly wrong, and a smooth, efficient relocation.

In this blog, we’ll outline what you need to consider to find the best movers in Melbourne – and why these things are important in the first place. From assessing reputation to understanding pricing structures, we’ve got you covered with the insights needed for a disaster-free move.

What Can Go Wrong – Why It’s Important to Carefully Choose Your Movers

Ask around your group of friends, and you’re bound to hear a horror story or two about a mover in Melbourne who made the process much harder than it needed to be.

The moving industry is not regulated, and there can be a big difference between the performance and reliability of movers with limited experience and those who know exactly what they’re doing. Here are some of the more common ‘moving disasters’ that can occur:

Damage To Belongings

Inexperienced or careless removalists can mishandle items, leading to scratches, dents, or even more severe damage. Fragile items, such as glassware or electronics, are susceptible to breakage if not moved or stacked with expert care, and oversized furniture can give movers with limited experience a real headache when trying to navigate around tricky doorways and stairwells.

Delays And Inefficiency

It is not uncommon to hear of house removalists that don’t turn up on the appointed day, or that take hours to arrive. Sometimes they book another job beforehand and underestimate the time it will take to complete it. Inexperienced movers can also take twice as long as expected to complete your own move, because they don’t know how to work efficiently.

Delays can be especially problematic if you are on a tight schedule, such as needing to vacate your current residence by a specific date. It can disrupt your plans and cause unnecessary stress that nobody needs.

Not Having The Right Equipment Or Truck

An experienced professional mover will be able to estimate the size of truck you’ll need to move all your belongings in one trip. Getting that estimate wrong can result in a move taking multiple trips, and even days, to complete. The same can be said if movers don’t have the right trolleys or equipment to move things efficiently. Not only are these delays inconvenient, they can also be costly if you are paying by the hour.

Hidden Costs

Some removalists may not provide accurate or complete quotes, either through inexperience or by deliberate deception. You may find yourself being requested to pay additional or higher-than-expected fees before your goods will be delivered. A poorly planned move can end up costing you twice as much as anticipated.

How To Choose The Best Movers In Melbourne

Seek Removalist Recommendations

It’s a great idea to ask for mover recommendations amongst your friends or on local Facebook pages. Not only should they help you gather a shortlist of good movers, they may also tell you if there’s any removalists that they’ve had a bad experience with.

You can also search online to find local movers in Melbourne. Pay attention to star ratings on Google Map listings and on the moving companies’ own Facebook pages. Keep an eye out for consistently good reviews or multiple complaints about the same issues. It’s important to note that online reviews can be skewed by ‘fake’ reviews (either good or bad), so look at the overall pattern and pay attention to what written testimonials say, as fake reviews are more likely to simply leave a star rating.

If in doubt, you can also ask removalists to put you in contact with past customers to get a verbal review of their work.

Compare Rates

Most people will contact several removalists for a quote, but be sure you’re comparing ‘apples with apples’ – some removalists will charge by the hour, and others will set a fixed price. If your movers charge an hourly rate, find out if they will agree to a maximum number of hours for the move, so costs do not blow out unexpectedly.

It’s important to note that the cheapest rate may not always be the best option, if the movers work inefficiently, have hidden charges, or don’t offer a level of service you’re happy with.

Some removalists will want to visit you and view all items to be removed before providing a final quote. Always make sure your final quote is written and not just verbal. Companies such as Pinder Tower Movers will provide a written contract before they start work.

Talk Through Your Requirements

Spend some time providing detail on what you need moving, what sort of access there is to both properties, and if there is anything that will need particularly careful handling (such as a piano or pool table). Ask about any extra services you’ll need, such as professional packing, furniture storage or the provision of packaging materials.

Make sure that your final choice of movers in Melbourne can meet your particular needs.

Customer Service

Consider the level of customer service your mover is able to provide. Do they have a dedicated customer support person, or are they easily contactable to talk through any queries you have? Are they friendly and polite in their dealings with you? Reviews will often mention if a removalist offers exceptional customer service, or if they fail in this area.

Moving house is a stressful experience, and you want a friendly, helpful removalist supporting you.

Look For Experience

There is a huge variation in the level of experience of movers in Melbourne. Some removalists are working on-the-side to make a bit of extra cash and have minimal work experience. Others will have been in the business for decades – Pinder Tower Movers have over 40 years of removal experience.

Removalists with years of experience will work efficiently to get the job done with a minimum of time and fuss. They will also minimise the chance of damage to your belongings or property, by having the right equipment and know-how. A moving company with greater experience is likely to save you both stress and money.

Check For Insurance

Check that your chosen removalist company is covered by insurance for accidental damage during the moving process. It is worth noting that there are limitations to what movers insurance covers, and you might like to consider whether you also need to take out your own moving insurance.

Choosing The Best Movers – In Summary

Moving house is a tough job, and your choice of removalist can have a big impact on whether things go smoothly, or whether you face a moving disaster. Take time to consider the aspects we’ve listed above, and choose a mover in Melbourne who:

  • Has an excellent reputation backed by consistently good reviews;
  • Offers reasonable pricing and a clear, all-inclusive quote;
  • Can do everything you need and provides a good level of customer service;
  • Has the experience needed to move your belongings efficiently and safely;
  • Carries their own removals insurance.

Looking to move within or from Melbourne? Pinder Tower Movers has over 40 years of removals experience and a long-standing reputation for exceptional customer service. They offer a complete removals service including packing, moving pianos and antiques, and providing temporary furniture storage. If you’re on the hunt for a great mover in Melbourne, contact Pinder for a friendly chat and to obtain a comprehensive quote.