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Want to know how to wrap glasses and plates so they won’t get damaged when moving house? These fragile items need extra care when packing, to ensure they don’t get broken enroute. Follow our professional packing tips below, and your glassware and crockery will be well protected for the journey.

How To Safely Pack Glasses & Glassware

First thing’s first – you need the right materials. That means a good quality, heavy duty packing box, plus butchers or packing paper and quality packaging tape.

Glassware is a heavy item, so you’ll want to use a small or medium sized box that can be safely lifted when full. Use a heavy duty, undamaged box and tape the bottom closed with good quality packing tape.

Next, place a layer of cushioning on the bottom of the box, such as crumpled paper, a layer of towels or bubble wrap.

Wrap glassware individually with paper before placing gently in the box. You may be able to wrap two pieces together by using half the paper to wrap the first item, then adding the second piece and finishing. For stemmed glasses, wrap the stem first to ensure it is adequately protected.

If you are packing large vases or similar items, fill the cavity with additional padding.

Place heavier items at the bottom of the box, with lighter items on top. Fill any gaps and create a final layer of scrunched paper, towels or bubble wrap on top. You want to make sure there is no space for items to move and bump against each other in transit. Be sure the box is not overfilled, and the lid closes flat.

To seal the box, tape the top closed, and then tape several circles of tape around the whole box, to ensure the bottom will not fall out.

Finally, mark the box with ‘fragile’ both on top and on the side, so the label can be seen when the box is stacked.

How To Safely Pack Plates & Crockery

As with glassware, you should use a good quality, small to medium sized packing box. Start by taping the bottom seam closed and also run several lengths of tape across the bottom and up the sides for extra reinforcement.

Place a pile of packing paper on the table. Lay one plate on top and fold the corners of the first sheet of paper over it. Add another same-sized plate on top, fold over corners of second sheet, and so on to make a bundle of 2-4 plates at a time. For extra protection, tape the bundle of plates together. Use this method to also wrap bowls.

Wrap other crockery items such as jugs in the same way as glasses. Support larger vessels by filling the cavity with small towels or crumpled paper.

Place heavier plates and large bowls at the bottom of your box, with lighter items on top. Fill any gaps with scrunched paper or small towels and create a final protective layer on top before sealing well with packing tape.

Don’t forget to label your boxes with a fragile sticker on top and sides.

When packed this way, boxes of glasses and plates can be safely stacked for removal. For hints on packing other items, view our additional packing tips for moving house.

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