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Office relocation can be a stressful affair. Not only are you dealing with the logistics of packing and moving, you also have to keep the business running throughout. It’s important to plan ahead, to ensure a smooth transition from one work space to another. Here are our top tips for ensuring your office relocation creates as little disruption to your business as possible.

Check Your Physical Space

Obviously, you need to ensure you’re moving into a space that is adequate for your needs, both now and into the future. You not only need to check for space for equipment and employees, but also consider the amount of space available for the employees to move around with ease, to gather and to take a break.

Also, plan where all your equipment and staff will go before you move. That way, furniture needs only to be placed once, and you won’t waste time moving things around again once you’re in the new space.

Equipment List

Before you move, check that furniture and equipment is in a fit state to be moved and make any necessary repairs, or order new equipment to be delivered to the new office.

It is also a good idea to create a list of all office equipment and furniture to be moved, along with noting its current condition. In the unfortunate event that items go missing or are damaged, you will have a clear record to check against.

Internet and Phone

Make sure you fully understand what systems, speeds and specifications are available in your new space, so that you can ensure they are adequate for your needs. It is ideal if you can have phone and internet activated and checked before you arrive, as there is nothing more disruptive for a business than communication lines going down. Plan well ahead to allow for delays, and make a back-up plan in case things don’t go according to plan.


It is recommended that you have an electrician conduct an audit before moving in, to ensure all sockets and wires are in safe working order. Also take note of the location and numbers of power points, and arrange any additional installations as necessary.

Parking facilities

Ensure the new building has ample space for parking. If free parking is not available for staff, look for alternatives nearby that can be made available.

Access For Movers

Also check where the moving van can park and how it will access the property on moving day. Consider the width of doorways and elevators, along with stairs, and discuss these with your removalist to ensure they can provide you with a realistic quote. You’ll also need to check whether all your existing equipment can be safely moved in.


Consider your security requirements in the new space, both with regards to access to your property and information, and the safety of your employees. Do you need new security systems installed or personnel hired? Do you need to organise ID for staff? Do existing security cameras work, or need to be installed? Do any changes need to be made to IT security?

Make sure you communicate new security arrangements with staff prior to your office relocation.


You do not have to bring everything from the old office with you. Discard equipment that is in poor condition or not suitable for the new space. Your office relocation can be the perfect opportunity to upgrade or purchase new items that better suit your current needs.

Moving also provides a good opportunity for getting rid of old files and paperwork. Discard what is no longer needed, digitise records that you still need, and shred the paper copies.

Don’t assign a room in the new office as a junk space. If you do not have a specific purpose and place for an item in the new office, don’t bring it with you.

Choose Your Removalist Wisely

Choose a removalist that is specifically experienced in office relocation, and who is willing to spend time discussing your needs and helping you plan for a successful move. Make sure they are experienced and insured for moving your equipment, including computer hardware and fragile items. Also consider choosing a removalist that offers a packing service, to minimise the time you have to spend out of your business and working on the move yourself.

If you’re in Melbourne, Pinder Tower Movers offers over 30 years of experience in office relocation, and provides both packing and moving services for office relocations both nearby and across long distances.