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So you’re moving house, and you’ve decided to minimise the stress by engaging professional packers and movers. What do you need to do now? How do you need to prepare to ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible, and that you get the best out of your chosen removalists?

A little bit of forethought and preparation can really help to ensure that, come packing day, work proceeds quickly, and the team make the best use of their time (and your dollar). Here are our top tips to getting ready:

Declutter Before Your House Move

Wherever possible, it makes more sense to get rid of things that are broken or not needed before you move. This way, you won’t be paying to pack and move unnecessary items, nor will they be cluttering up your lovely new space. So go through your belongings room by room, and discard, sell or donate the items you don’t need.

This in itself can be a time-consuming process, but it is very worthwhile, so try to start a month before you need to pack. You may be able to sell off some of your unwanted goods and put that money towards covering your moving costs. Now that’s a double bonus!

Keep A Record Of Your Items

While it may not be possible to list absolutely everything that you want moved, it is a good idea to keep some sort of record of item categories, plus particularly valuable items, so you can check that everything ends up in your new home.

Write a list by moving through your house with a clipboard, or use the recording or video features on your phone. For particularly valuable or awkward items, it can also be a good idea to take photos of the condition of the item, so that there are no disputes should any damage arise.

Discuss Special Items

If you have particularly valuable items, or something like a piano which requires special care, discuss beforehand how these will be packed and moved. Make sure you are happy that the removalist is experienced in moving these items (for eg, Pinder Tower Movers have a well-established approach to moving antiques, making sure each item is carefully wrapped and padded to ensure complete protection during transit as well as strapped properly in the truck to avoid movement or rubbing).

Also check that the removalist carries adequate insurance to cover any accidental damage.

Check If There Are Items That Cannot Be Packed

Not all items can be packed and moved – for example, gas tanks, pesticides and so on. Ask your removalist company for a list of items that they will not pack and have a chat to them about how these items can be moved safely.

Mark Items Not To Be Packed

If there are items you do not want packed or moved, mark them clearly with a ‘do not pack’ label. It will be most efficient for the packers if packable and unpackable items are separated as much as possible before they arrive.

Ensure Clear Labeling

Discuss with your packers who will be responsible for labeling boxes and listing what is inside. This is especially important if you won’t be unpacking straight away. You want to make sure you can easily understand what is in each box.

It is also a good idea to think in advance about where everything will go, as this can be used for labeling. For example, you may have had a desk set up in your lounge room at your old house, but will now be moving into a house with a designated home office. It will therefore be helpful if those desk items are marked as ‘home office’ rather than ‘lounge’.


If your removalist will also be unpacking at the other end, ensure you have a plan of where things should go before you get there. While it’s not always possible to plan in great detail, you can think about what each room will be used for, where furniture will belong, which cupboard will be the pantry, where linen can be stored, etc. What you want to do is minimise the amount of re-arranging you’ll need to do after your helpers leave.

With a bit of preparation, the work of packing can be greatly reduced, saving you stress on moving day, not to mention money. To find out about Pinder Tower Mover’s excellent packing and removal services based in Melbourne, Victoria, read on by clicking the link.