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Is there a best way to unpack after moving house? Why yes, there is!

Unpacking is a big job, and comes at a time when you are already tired from packing and moving in the first place. Our top tips will help make the unpacking process easier, ensuring you have quick access to the essentials, and can take your time to unpack everything else without stress.

Have A System Before You Pack

The number one thing you can do to make unpacking easier after moving house, is to pack well in the first place. To do that, you need to work systematically and label everything. When you’re unpacking, you want to be able to find things quickly and easily. Here’s how we recommend you pack to make that happen:

  • Label or colour-code your boxes with the room they should go in at the new house
  • Pack like with like in each box, and list everything that’s contained on the box
  • Label both top and sides of each box, so that stacked boxes can also be read, and
  • Make sure boxes are placed in the correct room in the new house, not just dumped anywhere

If you are hiring removalists, or getting friends to help with your move, make sure they know your system of labelling, and which room will be housing what in the new house.

Read these packing tips for moving house to get the packing right!

Unpack The Kitchen And Bedrooms First

At the end of a tiring moving day there are two things you’ll want most – to eat, and to have a comfortable place to sleep. Start with unpacking essential kitchen items, including tea & coffee, snacks and breakfast supplies, plus basic crockery, cutlery and dishwashing items. You might wish to order takeaway on your first night, and you’ll no doubt want a restorative cuppa (or glass of wine), plus an easy breakfast the next morning.

For the bedrooms, make putting the bed together a priority. This is a job that needs several hands, so make sure it’s done while you have your removalist or friends are available to help. Get the bed made up, and make sure you have access to your pyjamas, a towel and clothes for the next day.

We highly recommend packing one ‘open first’ box full of necessities with your most useful items in it – your tea and coffee, medicines, change of clothes, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid etc.  Also pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes and your toiletries. Make sure you keep track of the ‘open first’ box and overnight bag during the move. Transporting them in your own car is a good option.

Unpack Directly Into The Proper Space

Unpacking a whole household is overwhelming, and it can be tempting to just pull everything out and shove it into your cupboards or rooms any-old-how. However, you’ll reduce the overall workload if you take your time and unpack carefully into the correct space, so that unpacking only has to happen once.

To do this, you will need to plan in advance how you will use each room and space. Think particularly about where you will place crockery, pots and pans, the food pantry, linen, toiletries, books and collections. Unpack the essentials quickly, but then take time to arrange these spaces as you unpack the rest.

If friends offer to give you a hand unpacking, allocate them a single cupboard or chest of drawers. Discuss with them how you want things arranged, and then leave them to it. Chances are they’ll be far less exhausted than you are, and will take their time to do a much better job of it.

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