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So you’re looking for interstate removalists from Melbourne?

You must be moving states…and have a big job ahead of you! Here are our top five tips to help make your interstate move more manageable.


To minimise the cost of your interstate move, and to reduce the time spent packing and unpacking, start your journey by vigorously decluttering. Only take what you love and need to your new state, and consider carefully whether large items like your furniture and white goods will fit in to the style and spaces in your new home.

If your existing goods are not quite right for the new house, consider selling off your old items before you move and buying new or pre-loved items locally once you’ve arrived in your new home.

It’s worth noting that decluttering can take much longer than you expect, and it’s not always easy to get a quick sale when you list pre-loved items. So ideally start the decluttering process a few months before your move.

Use Professional Packers And Unpackers

Moving house is stressful and time consuming, and moving interstate is likely to be even more so. There is so much to consider, including new schools, jobs, local transport and a whole new city to navigate. It’s no surprise, then, that many people choose to use professional packers when they move interstate, to reduce what may otherwise be an overwhelming workload.

There’s another very good reason to use the professionals – with an interstate move, your goods have further to go and there may be several changeovers of transport along the way. This means that goods need to be packed extremely well, and in proper packing boxes, to survive the journey intact. While we have this advice on how to pack moving boxes for maximum safety, we do highly recommend leaving this job to the professionals for a big interstate move.

Oh, and don’t forget you can halve your workload at the other end by hiring professional unpackers too. They will be done within the day, and you won’t have to live amongst boxes for weeks.

Pinder Tower Movers offer a professional packing service with all interstate removals from Melbourne.

Label Everything

For any move, it’s important to carefully label what’s in your boxes, and what room they belong to. This becomes even more important for interstate moves because it may be some time before you see your boxes again – by which time you will have no chance or remembering what went in where!

If you’ve followed our advice to hire professional packers, have a chat to them about their labelling system to be sure it works for you. And if you like, work alongside them to add your own notes if needed.

Think Of Your Immediate Needs

When moving house, it’s always a good idea to pack an ‘Open First’ box with essentials like a toilet roll, soap, dish washing supplies, tissues, kettle, tea, biscuits, long life milk, medicines, pet food and any other necessities that you’re going to need as soon as you arrive.

However, when you’re moving from Melbourne to another state, your boxes may arrive after you do. Make sure you know the delivery timeline of your items and, if needed, take these things with you or pick them up from a local shop on your way.

Hire The Right Interstate Removalist

When hiring any interstate removalist in Melbourne, be sure to check that they are experienced, show a high level of customer service, and have great customer reviews. Also check that they carry appropriate insurance that covers all your goods to a value that you’re happy with.

For an interstate move, you also want to make sure the company has experience specifically in this, as there are particular complexities that can arise and that will need to be managed carefully.

Finally, ask your removalist how they will track your goods – ensure they have a clear way of listing and tracking your belongings, so they can tell you exactly where your goods are at any given time.

Pinder Tower Movers have a dedicated team who specialise in country and interstate removals from Melbourne. Their long distance interstate removalist services are backed by over thirty years of experience in transitioning from one state to another.