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So you’re moving house. It’s a big job. Not only do you have to pack and move all your belongings, but there’s all the other things you need to sort out – electricity, changing addresses, cleaning, and so much more. Here’s a handy moving house checklist that will ensure nothing is forgotten.


The Moving House Checklist


Before you move:

  • Start decluttering – start selling or throwing away your excess good early, so you have less to pack. Return any outstanding items on loan.
  • Book your removalist – once you’ve got a better idea of what you need to move, you can get quotes and book your removalist. Book early to secure your ideal moving date.
  • Arrange for a skip or hard rubbish collection to help you declutter.
  • Organise final reads and transfers / new suppliers for electricity, gas, internet and phone. Don’t forget to check whether Netflix or other subscriptions can be transferred to the new property.
  • Change your mailing address – notify banks, utilities, etc., of your new address. Better still, get them to start sending all bills via email so they won’t have to update your mailing address. Consider paying to have your mail forwarded for 3 months after you move.
  • Purchase boxes, tape and packing materials. Proper moving boxes will save you a heap of trouble, and removalists such as Pinder Tower Removers often sell these.
  • Start packing non-essentials early – it always takes longer than you think!
  • When packing goods, label each box with the room it should go into. You can attach colour-coded paper or sticky notes, with one colour for each room.
  • If you have access, measure up rooms in the new house. Plan where your furniture will go so it only has to be placed once.
  • Also, measure fridge and washing machine apertures. Check your current white goods fit.
  • Arrange for a final clean of your current house (and your new one if desired) if you’re hiring cleaners.
  • Inspect your new house just before you move. If you are renting, document any existing damage.
  • Check access for the removalists truck at both houses.
  • Confirm your moving date and re-confirm quote with your removalist.
  • Pack and label an ‘open first’ box with kettle, tea/coffee, UHT milk, snacks, toilet paper, special toys, school items, any pet requirements, medications, toiletries, scissors, dishwashing supplies, bin liner and cleaning cloths.
  • Defrost your fridge and pack remaining food into an esky/cool bag.
  • Arrange key pick up.

After you’ve moved:

  • Inspect your furniture and boxes to ensure there’s no damage. If there has been any damage, report it immediately to your removalist.
  • Do a final clean on your old house. If you were renting, document final condition of house.
  • Drop off old keys.
  • Ring the council to find out when your bins are picked up.
  • Change the locks at your new house.