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So you’re moving house. It’s a stressful, and often expensive, undertaking. There’s so much to do – decluttering, packing, transporting, unpacking. Do you make it easier by hiring professional packers and/or movers, or do you save a few dollars and do it yourself?

Naturally, at Pinder Tower Movers, we recommend hiring professionals. But this isn’t just a bid for your business, we believe it makes sound sense for most people who are moving house. A good removalist will greatly reduce the time you have to spend on the job – and, as time is money, this is good from a financial perspective. Not to mention saving you an enormous amount of work, and possibly your sanity!

Professional packers and movers know how to do the job

It’s an obvious statement, but worth making – professionals know how to do the job. They know how to wrap and pack items in a safe manner. They know what types of boxes are best for which items (for example, books should be put in medium sized, strong boxes, so they don’t collapse and are not too big to move). Professional packers will also know how many boxes you’re likely to need, meaning you don’t overspend on unnecessary packing materials, and nor do you run short.

Similarly, professional movers know just how to get that oversized couch through the doorway and down the stairs, and they’ll do it in half the time (and without the damage) that you and your mates may be able to manage.

And when it comes to fitting everything in the truck, the professionals are like Tetris masters. Most of us tend to underestimate how much stuff we have in our houses. If you’re a novice truck-packer, you run the risk of running out of space in the middle of your move and having to make multiple trips.

Professionals carry all the necessary equipment

 Blankets, straps, 3-wheeled trolleys, auto-lifting tailgates…the professionals carry everything needed to get things done quickly and minimise effort. There are some things that, due to size or awkwardness, are downright dangerous to carry yourself without professional equipment and expertise.

Damages are covered by insurance

 A reputable removalist will ensure you are adequately covered by appropriate insurance, should anything go wrong during the move. Not to mention, they are less likely to damage your precious goods in the first place.

They have the right vehicle for the job

 It’s possible to hire trucks yourself, but the cost is not insignificant, and many people are nervous driving a truck for the first time. Not only that, but you need to get the right sized truck to carry all your goods – something that can be hard to estimate for the uninitiated – and to fit down the driveway of both properties. A professional mover is going to ensure you have the right type of vehicle to fit all your possessions, to access both houses, and to provide easy packing and unpacking (keeping in mind things such as steep driveways, etc).

Professionals can end up costing less

 At the end of the day, having someone who knows what they’re doing, who works efficiently and minimises potential damage, can actually save you money, particularly for big or complex moves. And don’t underestimate the value of the effort and stress you will also save. Moving house is tough, but hiring in a professional mover certainly makes it more manageable for you.

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