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Boxes? Check. Bubble wrap? Check. Removalist booked? Check…but have you thought about how you’ll handle your dog when you move house?

Moving house can be stressful for your pets. After all, they didn’t get to be part of the decision making and have no idea what’s about to happen. You’ll need to take some extra care to ensure the experience of packing and moving unsettles them as little as possible. There’s a lot you can do to prepare your beloved doggie and help them settle into their new abode with ease.

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Preparing Your Dog Before Moving House

It will ease your dog’s anxiety if you can create a safe space that comes with them to the new house. So when you move, bring familiar bedding rather than buying anything new. If your dog doesn’t already have a favourite bed, cage or kennel, buy one a month before your move so they have time to get comfortable with it. Transfer this to the new house and they’ll have a safe space to retreat while they’re getting used to their new surroundings.

It’s a good idea to confine your dog while you’re packing and moving. Shut them in a calm room or area of the yard, and keep their familiar possessions with them.

If you think the chaos of packing, moving and unpacking may be too much for your dog to handle, consider booking them into a kennel for a few days, where they can be looked after in a less stressful environment. The success of this will depend on how well they take to the kennel – if they’ve been there before and enjoyed their stay, it’s far more likely they will be at ease this time round too.

If you’re moving far enough away that you’ll no longer be visiting your current vet, it can be a good idea to request your pet’s records and a vaccination certificate. Make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date, and also ensure your address is updated in the microchipping database. If your dog wears ID tags, make sure those details are up-to-date too.

Consider how you will transport your dog on moving day. Make sure you organise a cage or safe area in your car beforehand. If you’re using a cage for the first time, ensure they’re familiar with it. You can leave it with them in the house for a few days and practice having them stay inside.

Pack a pet-supplies bag that comes along with you on moving day and is easy to access. This should include water/food bowls, a leash, bedding, toys, treats and the first day’s food, plus some cleaning supplies in case your doggie makes a mess in car or house.

Make sure you know how secure your new house is for containing your dog. If you know you’re going to need additional fencing or the like, try and organise supplies or services beforehand, so it can be dealt with immediately after you arrive. If you are moving into a rental, be sure to discuss this with the agent beforehand, along with any obligations that you have as the pet owner, so you’re all on the same page.

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After Moving Into Your New House

Before you let your dog out and about in your new yard, double-check the fencing to make sure it is all secure. You may need to keep your dog indoors or on a lead until the fencing is ready.

As you did before you moved, keep your dog confined to a calm space or the yard while you unpack. Provide them with their familiar belongings, including bedding, to help ease them into their surrounds.

Taking your dog for a walk around the neighbourhood is a great way for both of you to familiarise yourself with your surrounds and have a break from the hard work of moving. Try to allow yourself time to do this on moving day or shortly afterwards.

It is also a good idea to plan for someone to be home for at least a few days so your dog doesn’t have to spend too much time alone in the unfamiliar house right away. As much as possible, try to stick to previous routines for meal-times, etc.

Be prepared to give lots of extra love, attention and treats during this time, and be a little forgiving of poor behaviour as your dog works through his stress. It won’t be long before both you and dog are happily settled in your new neighbourhood.

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