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Are you in need of office removalists in Melbourne? If you’re about to relocate your office, naturally you’ll want a removalist that’s professional, reliable, and easy to deal with.  On top of that, there are office-specific requirements you’ll need to consider, such as the safe handling of IT equipment and disassembly of office workstations. Here are five critical things to keep in mind when selecting your office removalist.

1. Office IT Equipment Removals

Offices these days are full of sensitive IT equipment, such as computers, servers, and networking gear. It’s essential that your office removalist knows how to pack and transport them to prevent damage or data loss. Ask your removalist how they plan to protect and transport your equipment, and how it will be placed at the new premises. Find out what cables you’ll need to remove and what can stay plugged in, to make the job of reassembly easier.

It’s particularly important to hire a company who will move your IT equipment safely, because electrical components are typically not covered by the removalists’ own insurance. This is because of the difficulty providing that the item was in full working order before the move, or that internal damage was caused during the move. As well as hiring an experienced removals crew, it can be a good idea to check the cover available through your own office’s contents insurance policy, or to consider taking out special removals insurance.

2. Office Furniture Disassembly And Reassembly

Office spaces often have complex furniture setups, over-sized meeting tables and other non-standard furniture to deal with. Ask whether your removalist can disassemble and reassemble your furniture, workstations, and cubicles. It will save you a lot of time and complication if this is part of their service offering.

3. Secure Document Handling

While most files are now kept online, there are still some businesses who have client records and other private documentation in hard copy. If your office deals with confidential documents, be sure to choose a removalist who prioritises secure document handling. Ask how they will package and keep track of sensitive files during transport, and agree on how documents will be handing over at the other end. If files need to be stored between vacating one office and entering another, check the security arrangements at the removalist’s storage facility.

4. Protecting Lifts And Shared Spaces

If you’re moving into a shared space, it’s important that your office removalist takes steps to protect common areas from any bumps or scratches during the move. Choose a removalist who offers precautions like using protective coverings for elevators and doorways, and who has suitable equipment for safely navigating any stairs. Your office removalist should also be happy to coordinate move-in/out times with building management to avoid disruptions.

5. Flexible Availability

To minimise disruption to your business operations, consider office removalists who can offer weekend moves. Alternatively, if the move will happen during business hours, make sure you are not having to wait for the removalist to finish another job first, and that they can reliably finish on the day they say they will.

Office Removalists Melbourne – In Summary

As you embark on your office relocation journey in Melbourne, remember that the right choice of office removalist can make all the difference. From IT equipment protection to secure document handling and navigating shared office spaces, finding a trusted removalist with the right credentials will save headaches and minimise the downtime to your business.

If you’re looking for office removalists in Melbourne, Pinder Tower Removals stand ready to assist you. With their extensive experience and commitment to safeguarding your assets, they’ll ensure your office relocation is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Contact Pinder today to discuss your office removals needs.