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Hey there, looking for the best furniture removalists in Melbourne? We can help you with your search!

When it comes to moving your precious furniture, not all removalists are made equal. Here are four things you should consider when selecting your moving partner.

What Are You Moving?

Firstly, consider what it is that you’ll be moving. Do you have a lot of furniture? If you only have a room or two of possessions, it may be okay to hire someone off airtasker that can bring their own small van. If, on the other hand, you have a whole house or large office worth of furniture, you’ll want to look at a larger removalist company who can take the whole load in a single trip; otherwise, you’ll be paying for multiple trips back and forth.

Also, think about the individual items of furniture you’re moving. Do you have anything precious such as antiques, pianos or art-works? These things need careful packaging and specific handling. Moving a piano requires particular expertise. Don’t entrust your delicate possessions to someone who is not experienced in handling them! And also check that the removalist’s insurance caters for these valuable items specifically.

Check The Reviews

Ask your friends and families for recommendations, or put out a call on your local Facebook page. Once you have a shortlist of recommended removalists, check out reviews on Google, their Facebook page and website.

Look for a removalist who is reported to be efficient, careful with belongings and offers good customer service. These are the things that are most important come moving day!

Go Local

Melbourne is a sprawling place, and it makes sense to choose a furniture removalist that is on your side of town. Generally, you will pay for distance travelled to and from the removalists’ depot, so keeping it local can keep your costs down. Of course, this needs to be balanced with the other factors mentioned – don’t just choose the closest removalist without giving consideration to their reputation and experience.

Experience and Insurance

If there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s someone with no experience moving your furniture! Removalists with years of experience will work efficiently and safely, and get the job done with a minimum of time and fuss. A cheaper removalist who takes twice as long or ends up damaging your furniture is not going to save you money.

On that note – check the insurance carried by the removalist. Does it cover your possessions from the moment they are removed to the moment they are placed in your new abode? Are you happy with the valuation given for extra precious cargo such as pianos, artworks or technical equipment? What about coverage for any accidental damage to the property? Make sure you’re happy with the fine print.

So to find the best furniture removalists in Melbourne…

…you’ll want to choose a company who:

  • Can fit in and correctly handle all your furniture, including precious cargo
  • Has a great reputation
  • Is located not too far from you
  • Has lots of experience and carries sufficient insurance.

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