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Are you decluttering your extra stuff before you move house, and want to know how to sell it on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace offers a great way to get rid of excess furniture, clothes and other unwanted clutter, so that you don’t have to pack and move it when you relocate. The platform is free to use, doesn’t take too much effort, and is a great way to raise funds to cover the cost of your house move.

That said, selling on Facebook can be a bit hit-and-miss, and it’s important to get your listings right to ensure things actually sell. Here is our go-to-guide to selling your stuff on Facebook, to give you the best chance of success.

What Can You Sell On Facebook Marketplace?

You can sell pretty much anything, from beds to baby clothes to boats. Some goods move faster than others, but it can be hard to predict what will and won’t sell, and you may be quite surprised at what does. If you’re decluttering before moving house, it’s worth trying to sell:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Toys & games
  • Electronics & appliances
  • Sporting goods & exercise equipment
  • Collector’s items, books, DVDs, CDs
  • Excess home improvement supplies (such as tiles, pavers, wallpaper)

The key is to make sure things are in good nick – clothes should be unstained, furniture with only mild stains or scratches and still structurally sound, and appliances and equipment in full working order. You’ll also find that up-to-date items sell pretty quickly, whereas furniture or clothing that is out of fashion will take longer. That said, there’s a solid market to ‘retro’ clothing, toys and collectors’ items.

If you have items you’d like to pass on that don’t make the grade, either charge a very low price, or consider listing them for free.

How To Set Up Your Facebook Marketplace Account

It’s simple! If you have a Facebook account, you already have access to Facebook Marketplace. If you’re on a desktop, go to your Facebook homepage and click on the Marketplace tab on the left-hand side of the page. If you’re on your phone, you’ll find it under the three lines at the top of the app. If you’re still lost, just pop ‘Marketplace’ in the search bar.

How To Create A Listing That Sells

Once you’re in Facebook Marketplace, click on ‘create new listing’, choose the listing type and then fill in details. Here’s where you need to pay a bit of attention to ensure your listing will appeal to buyers.

  • Use key words – Make sure your title and description include all the key words your potential buyers will search for. For eg: Instead of simply writing ‘couch for sale’, enter ‘blue 2 seater sofa couch from IKEA’. You can also add key words into the product tags.
  • Include specific details  – Include as much information as possible, to save answering endless questions. Include measurements for furniture or large items. Clothes should include size and brand. Appliances and electronics should include brand and model.
  • List the condition – Be honest about the condition. If there are damaged parts, show them in photos. Many people will buy imperfect goods, as long as they know what they’re getting.
  • Use appealing photos – Take time to provide clear photos from multiple angles and showing all details. Include a photo that shows the entire item, plus close-ups of important details or damage. Ensure photos are bright and clear – use filters on your phone camera to improve if needed. A little bit of extra time spent on photos can make a big difference in sales results.
  • Be clear about location – Include your suburb, and any notes on whether it’s for pick-up only, or can be delivered or shipped at extra cost.
  • Price appropriately – Look up similar items to yours and get a feel for what’s a fair price. If you want things to move quickly, price at the lower end (but not so low that people will assume there’s something wrong with your item). Price appropriately for items that are damaged or out of fashion.
  • Consider grouping items – It can be quicker for you, and more appealing to buyers, to bundle up smaller items. For eg, a bag of size 14 corporate clothes, multiple toddler toys, or a bunch of books that will appeal to the same reader.
  • See other listings – If you’re listing lots of items for sale that you think may appeal to the same buyer, you can pop a note in your listing such as ‘see other listings for matching furniture’.

Once your listing is complete and you hit ‘next’, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to list your item in other Facebook Groups. It’s a great idea to list in local buy/swap/sell groups near you, as people will often search in these groups first.

Handling Holds, Payment and Pickup

Once your item is listed, you will receive messages, from people wanting to buy. You’ll need to keep track and decide how you want to allocate the sale if multiple people are interested. You may agree to a sale pending pickup – if that’s the case, you can go into your listing and mark it as ‘pending pickup’. Don’t hold items indefinitely – agree on a timeframe for pickup and let the buyer know that if they don’t show up you will offer to the next person. Stick with it, as no-shows can be quite a time waster.

Most people still only accept cash payment for local sales, and it is usual for payment to be made upon pickup. This allows the buyer to inspect the goods. Never agree to mail products to the buyer until payment has been made and cleared in your bank account.

Many people will request a buyer come to their house to pick up the item – this is often the most convenient option for furniture and larger items – but if you are concerned about safety you can arrange to meet at a local space such as a shop carpark. You can also meet your buyer in your garden or outside your front door, rather than letting them into your home.

Once a sale has been made, don’t forget to go into your listing and mark as ‘sold’.

Some Final Advice

Selling your pre-loved goods on Facebook Marketplace can be very rewarding, but the sales process does require some time and effort. If you’re selling goods to declutter before you move, it’s advisable to start early to leave ample time before you have to pack up and move.

At the end of your selling spree, you might consider re-listing anything leftover for free, on local Facebook pages (search for buy/swap sell pages, ‘good karma’ and ‘freecycle’ groups). Don’t forget to also post on your own personal page.

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