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Moving office can be a huge job; with so much to move and so much to do! Pinder Tower Furniture Removals can easily and safely move any of your office or warehouse based belongings to your new location. The team at Pinder Tower Furniture Removals know that you will want to get back to work as soon as possible, so we promise to meet your timelines. Our professionals can dismantle and re-assemble your work stations, to have your co-workers back on the job in no time. The office removal services we provide are at affordable and competitive prices; so no breaking your budget.

On time

The members of the Pinder Tower Movers team all have great time management skills. We know just how hectic an office move can be. The fact that you’re business will more than likely be disrupted for some period of time, can in and of itself be frustrating. However, when you choose Pinder Tower Movers, you are offered the certainty that your business will be up and running within a short period of time. We ensure that we stick with your schedule so that your business doesn’t have to be set back one day more than it needs to. Our staff can also assist with the setting up of your items, thus making the entire task of moving office a lot easier on you.


Pinder Tower Movers is one of the most affordable moving companies in town. We value our customers and we try our best to ensure that all aspects of our business are favourable to them. This also includes price. We don’t believe that it is necessary to overcharge for our services, and we don’t. Everyone will most likely be in need of a removal company at some points in their lives and we know just how tough the job can be for our clients to carry it out themselves. By setting fair prices, we can ensure that even the smallest budgets can get the service that they are in search of and have a professional take care of their office move.


Friendliness goes a long way, this is something that all the members at Pinder Tower Movers know. At this time in your life, when you’re perhaps a little overwhelmed with all the changes and the preparations that need to be made, the last thing you need is dealing with a Removal Company that is unpleasant. At Pinder Tower Movers, we want our clients to feel the relief of having the move handled by professionals, thus saving them a lot of work and that relief comes with friendliness. When putting your personal items in the hands of someone else, you will undoubtedly want to know that they are safe. We’ll make a point to answer each and every question you throw our way, so that you can feel at ease throughout the entire moving process.

Packing Service

Packing valuables can be extremely difficult and also stressful. When there are fragile items involved, you will want to ensure that they have enough support, and that they are packed in a manner that will not allow harm to come to them. At Pinder Tower Movers, the members of our team who will be handling your fragile property will be highly trained, knowledgeable and take exceptional care of each and every item. There are also techniques involved with how certain items need to be placed into a vehicle and our movers are 100% aware of what measures to take when stacking and transporting your items.


When working with our company, you will be offered a professional service, because we are indeed professional movers. We know how valuable your office items are, and one setback or one mishap can lead to significant disruptions in your building. In order to avoid this, we have to be professional about our job and the way we undertake our responsibilities.

Call us

To find out more about how Pinder Tower Movers can assist in relocating your office, feel free to give us a call at: 1300 669 994. You can rest assure that the representative you communicate with will be both friendly and exceedingly helpful. Don’t forget to find out about what it will cost to complete your move. The corresponding agent will be more than happy to send you a no obligations quote, and wow you with our extremely low prices.

Some of the information you will need to provide us with includes:

  • What is the date of your move?
  • What is the time of your move?
  • Where are you currently located and where are you relocating to?
  • Are there any valuables that need to be transported?
  • Do you need assistance with packing?
  • What is the size of your move?


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