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Want to make sure the house move with your pet is as stress-free on them as possible? Read on for these great tips from Nicole Rous, a Melbourne veterinarian and the owner of Shy Tiger Natural Animal Health.

Put yourself in their shoes

Moving house is a big deal for everyone involved, imagine not knowing what is happening. Make sure you respect their uncertainty, reassure them, and give them space and time to adjust to new surroundings.

Consider getting a sitter or boarding for a couple of days

Moving house can be a very chaotic time in the house you’re leaving and in the one you’re settling in to. It is often best to send your pet to a familiar loved one’s house or boarding kennel for a couple of days rather than allowing them to get caught up in moving boxes, doors constantly opening and closing, strangers visiting and different routines.

Keep their favourite things consistent

Moving house is not the time to buy them that new dog bed, new blanket, new food bowl etc. Whatever you can keep consistent in their life, do so. Their little famiiarities will help bring them comfort in their new surroundings while they adjust to their new life.

Maintain their routine

Make sure you keep feeding time and walk times consistent when you move. The more they can predict in their new life, the better they will feel.

Natural emotional support

There’s many stress supports on the market these days from pheromone collars to calming chews and sprays. Consider adding one to support your pet’s emotional health. They can be a great natural support to help reduce the stress load during the pre- and post-move phase. We love our Soothe + Calm Day Spray for house moves as it uses Tasmanian lavender and ylang ylang to balance the emotions and help calm, plus a spray is so convenient and versatile to carry around for both humans and pets!

Consider a vet visit if your pet is anxious

If your pet has clinical anxiety, it’s a good idea to plan for the move as you may need to adjust their medication and supplements to help them with the process.

Nicole is a Melbourne veterinarian and the owner of Mont Albert Veterinary Surgery as well as the Shy Tiger Natural Animal Health. She creates natural alternatives for health and lifestyle needs for pets from stress serums and sprays to natural toothpaste.

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