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When you’re moving house, it makes things easier to use proper packing or removalists boxes for the job. Firstly, they’re built for strength, and will keep your possessions safe. Secondly, buying a set of removalist boxes means that they’ll be uniform sizes, and that makes them much easier to stack and move around. Greater efficiency means less cost when you’re paying a removalist to move them.

But what size packing boxes should you use? And what should you put inside each type? Here are our recommendations.

The following size guides are based on the packaging materials Pinder Tower Movers sell for moves across Melbourne.

Small Box

44cm x 41cm x 30cm

Pack heavier items in small boxes, rather than in large boxes, so that the overall weight of the box won’t become too heavy to lift. These reinforced boxes are ideal for items such as:

  • Books
  • Wine
  • Dinner plates, mugs, glasses and other crockery
  • Heavy kitchen appliances

what size packing boxes

Large Tea Chest Box

62cm x 41cm x 30cm

Ideal for lighter items. If you need to put heavier items in this sized box, place the heavier item at the base and fill the rest of the box with light-weight items. Use these boxes for:

  • Plastic containers, pots, pans, kitchen utensils
  • Linen, cushions, bedding
  • Shoes
  • Toys

what size packing boxes

Porta-Robe Portable Wardrobe Box

110cm x 60cm x 47.5cm

These boxes include a rod across the top and are specially designed to transport your clothes while still hung on their coat hangers. They are a great time-saver, as you don’t need to fold your clothes into boxes, and you can simply hang them straight back up when you arrive at your new house. Plus, they keep everything nice and wrinkle-free.

what size packing boxes

Other Packing Supplies

Don’t forget you’ll also need some bubble wrap or packing paper, to ensure your goods are safely and firmly lodged inside their boxes. Paper is useful to layer in between plates and other stackable items, and bubble wrap is useful for wrapping around larger items. It’s a good idea to bubble-wrap fragile items that won’t be going in boxes, such as artworks or desktop computers.

We also highly recommend buying quality packing tape, as cheaper versions can come unstuck. You don’t want the bottom falling out of your box when it’s moved! A packing tape dispenser will also save you a lot of time and is well worth investing in for your house move.

Find out how many packing boxes you need to move house.

Final Tips

For more handy advice on packing, check out our other blogs to find out how many packing boxes you need, and for additional packing tips for moving house.

Happy packing!

Ps. Don’t forget, if you’re moving house in Melbourne, Pinder Tower Movers are here to help with all your household and furniture removals, and can also provide professional packing and unpacking services.