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About Us

We are a moving company in Melbourne with a difference.

Removal in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
Established in 1983

Pinder Tower Movers is a storage and moving company in Melbourne with a unique difference. Underpinning everything we do is a strong family legacy of unrivalled service, comprising honesty, trustworthiness and ethical delivery.

Second-generation Manager, Paul, is following proudly in his father’s footsteps.
When once upon a time the locals used to say, “call Jack from Pinder” when they needed a hand moving something, people now say “call Paul from Pinder”.

This is testament to the family’s genuine passion for the industry and to not just move people but to make a difference in their lives. We are a storage and moving company in Melbourne you can trust because our reputation is solidified by a rich family tradition that puts
first-class service at the forefront of everything we do.


Our Story

Pinder Tower Movers started off as a small local business run out of the backyard of Jack and Dimitra’s place in suburban Melbourne in the 80s. What started as a father’s dream to simply raise his family and put food on the table turned into one of Melbourne’s most trusted and recommended moving companies.

Jack was a mechanic by trade and drove trams before becoming a Removalist, however he always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and even without completing high school he was self-driven to succeed and make something of himself and provide for his family.

As technology evolved so did Jack; self-taught he managed emails and was up to date with the latest gadgets to run his business. He would say “I’m your IT guy”.


How Does it Work?

Our fleet of moving company trucks in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs are well equipped with everything you need for s a safe, secure and seamless transition.

We are fully loaded with packing materials, trolleys, walk in ramps, blankets, moving boxes and proper strapping.

You can hire any number of staff but usually we come with a minimum of two movers for small houses and units and more for larger homes.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.


Daughter Vicki recalls

“Growing up with a large furniture removal truck in our back yard we would wait to hear the sound of the engine coming down our street. After working a long physical hard day, Dad would be greeted with his kids hanging of his doors standing on the side-step and holding onto the side mirrors as he slowly drove in the driveway.

Mum would take the calls and make bookings, but back in the day most customers wanted to meet the boss before trusting them to move their precious and loved items. Dad won them over with his quirky and lovable character and would often visit or call after the job just to make sure they were settled in okay.”

These are the traditional family values instilled at a young age that reinforce Pinder Tower Movers as the trusted choice for moving companies in Melbourne today. Combined with today’s modern technology, equipment and vehicles, we deliver a highly personalised service entrenched with values that stand the test of time – hard work, honesty, trust and satisfaction.